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Back 4 Blood Tips - 14 Tips and Tricks You should keep in mind

Left 4 Dead fans have waited a long time, but thanks to the spiritual successor Back 4 Blood we finally have an intense new co-op zombie shooter to fill this gap - thanks to the same studio that brought us Valves beloved series in the first place In fact. As expected, baking may be 4 Blood a pretty grueling game that his players demanded a lot, which means that active thinking about the game mechanics and their proper use are vital if you want to achieve meaningful progress. Here we go to a few basic tips and tricks for beginners, which are designed to help you settle easily into the groove.


Blood Games (1990) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

Back 4 Blood is very cooperative. It allows players to play alone, but make no mistake - this is a co-op game through and through. This means, of course, cooperate with other players as a team, and one of the most important things that you should consider doing is to always stay together with at least one teammate. run away alone is a surefire way to kill himself, and quickly, which in turn brings things for your team messed up - so always remember that you are stronger, as cheesy as that may sound.


To stay on topic Teamwork is another important thing that you should consider in Back 4 Blood that you should think about the cure before you ever actually do it the best use of the article. Check out your teammates around, and if you have someone in your squad, the less health than you focus on it, to repair it after him.


As with the healing of progress in Back 4 Blood encouraged the players also to focus on your team, not the individual character as you play. Of course, you can always focus on yourself if you want, but upgrades that apply to the entire team - such as additional support items or upgrades to existing - are much more useful in general, especially in the long run.

USE THE PING liberall

Ping systems have become an integral part of the multiplayer shooter, since Apex Legends mechanics has made popular, and as you would expect from a game that so focused on Koop like this is pinging in Back 4 Blood vitally Meaning. The basic applications - flagging prey and enemies - are of course useful in itself, but it is useful in other ways to ping immediately, such as when you ping a mutation enemy to inform your teammates about his location, or a weapon Tell how powerful it is all in your team.


Cards are one of the most central systems Back 4 Bloods, but there is a trick to use, which is at least initially surprisingly easy to miss. Instead of being random, the cards are drawn in your deck in the order in which you created our deck. This means that you should pay close attention to the placement of each card. Identify the most important and useful maps and make sure that you get them early.


Due to some strange problems in blocking progress and the inability to unlock achievements, soloing in Back 4 Blood is a bit stunted - but it has its uses. When playing online, you can use with Back 4 Blood only cards that you have unlocked through supply chains. In solo play all the cards from the beginning, but are accessible, which means that you try any card, can see what you like and then concentrate on unlock this when you play online.


Copper is an important currency you will collect during combing the environments in Back 4 Blood, and is used to buy several boosts, such as weapon upgrades or inventory extensions. However, if you do not play on Recruit, you need copper also in order to heal first aid stations. Our advice? Make sure that you have always saved 400 copper (at least if you can help) so you can use it at the next station that you find.


This links to a few points we have already discussed. Copper Scavenger is a practical map in Back 4 Blood, which immediately highlights all copper heaps near their location, even leading through walls, and even copper appears in larger quantities in the world. As you can imagine, it is incredibly useful. Always make sure that at least one person performs Copper Scavenger in their team, preferably the first card of the deck. In fact, the more, the better - they will earn a lot of money very quickly.

Do not waste any ammunition

Ammunition preservation is the key to back 4 blood. Considering how many enemies you meet and how much health some of them have, it is not that they do not spray any balls on enemies. But you should know when you need to do this - if possible, you should always try to keep your ammunition and use other means to go back to the ridden, be it with melee attacks, your side-arm or strike attack.

always bring tool kits

Toolkits are one of the most important items in Back 4 Blood. They allow you to avoid locked doors and deal with otherwise limited areas or even alarms, and often you will be rewarded with valuable prey. Sure, you have very few inventory sites, but one of them filling with a toolbox will help you much more than you can imagine. Make sure you always have a toolbox with you.

Beware of vehicle alarms

Back 4 Blood can be a hidden game - it knows that it can be a torment to deal with its ridden hordes, and it tries and surprises and surprises with traps that attract the attention of these hordes. Such a trap are auto alarms - if they are triggered, you will receive a short warning before what will happen, but you can also detect these cars thanks to their flashing lights. Be particularly careful with these, as a single ball already triggers the alarm.

Beware of birds

Even more difficult in dealing with car alarm systems are birds. Often they see little bird swarms, which collect the meat of bodies - if so, keep away. Shoot in your direction, go too close to her or scare her in some way, and you will start making a noise, which then pulls the attention of all ridden around you. If you are particularly wasteful, you can use one of your grenades to kill them quickly, but if it can be helped, it s the better option to easily avoid. Of course, that is not always possible, so keep that in mind.

Available on a high reason

In view of the overwhelming entertainment, which they often have when hordles ridden on them and their team fall, it understands itself that run and shoot not always the most useful method (though sometimes it is so). If you compete against large groups of enemies, it is best to find a hill that is not too short in most environments in which you are. Climbing on a stack of boxes or climbing a ladder and then turning out enemies as they rise to get to you can be an incredibly effective strategy.

U SE Molotovs Smartly

Molotows are also extremely useful tools in back 4 blood, and just like grenades or healing objects, you must select the moments in which you would achieve the best results. For example, if you can reach the end of a bottleneck and make enemies to go down to them, it may be very useful to store a Molotow at this point. At the same time, it also works simply to pitch a huge group of enemies and throw a Molotov.


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