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FIFA 22: Best Packs in Ultimate Team - All Sets at a Glance

What s in the best packs vonFIFA 22? We show you an overview of the sets in FUT 22 here, including prices and values.

What you need to know to pack Opening in FIFA 22: There are several ways to get into FIFA 22 on packs.

They are available in the shop. There you can buy them for FUT coins or FIFA Points. Pack is also available as a reward for different SBCs and goals. In addition, they can get stuck in the Division Rivals rewards FUT Champions rewards and Squad Battles rewards.

What you should always keep in mind: In most cases, buying sets in the store of Ultimate Team a loss. Many times it happens that one attracts items of lesser denomination from the pack, invested than you. Especially with the current very low transfer market in FIFA 22 it s hard to earn coins Pack content.

The exception is that one really strong player draws from packs that are really a lot of value in the transfer market. These can be top players icons or special cards. However, the probability of such top cards usually very low.

Therefore, you should think more carefully whether you want to insert the hard earned coins in packs, the team would rather improved in the transfer market or.

but decides ye for it to snatch even a pack from the store, we show you how to cut the different packs that might be worth it.

Preview Packs - The Pack without risk FUT

These are packs: In FIFA 22 can you directly to the start of the season on so-called preview pack set. In FIFA 21 came the first time in the summer into play - in FIFA 22, they are available from the start.

The advantage of the preview packs is that you can look before buying, which are for cards in the pack. Do you like what you see, you can strike. the pack content for the required coins is worth not you lay back the pack.

Starts her a pack preview, a 24-hour timer expires, after which a new preview pack is available. So you can every day once without risk to see if maybe something good is in the shop. An exception applies when you buy the pack - then the next one is directly available.

As things stand (18 October 2021) only selected standard packs in FIFA 22 preview pack were available. but it is conceivable that are available in the future more packs as a preview version.

The Preview-packs can be opened safely and return in doubt once every day. At the same time there is also the traditional pack without insight. What are worthwhile because, let s look at next.

The best packs in FUT 22, you can buy for coins

What are the best packs in FUT 22? The above preview packs are so far the best packs than that you run no risk of losing coins. However, they have not yet the best chances on top players.

A guarantee on strong players but there is not even in the pack in the shop. In certain SBCs or events can earn packs that guarantee a certain rating or special cards included - in the shop there is something usually not.

In the shop, the packs, where you the lowest price per rare Gold Player Card worth paying the most. These cards namely have the greatest chance to make a profit in the transfer market or strengthen the team.

List of the best packs : If one goes by this invoice, one particularly those packs should give a chance to the rare gold player costs compared the least.

In this regard, the following packs are to be regarded as the best - because they offer the lowest average price per gold players. Note, however, that this is mainly to promotional packs that are not available at any time in the shop.

wdt ID | rank | Pack | coins | Coins per rare gold player --- | --- | --- | --- | --- 1 | 1 | Rare Players Pack | 50000 | 4167 2 | 2 | Jumbo Rare Players Pack | 100000 | 4167 3 | 3 | Ultimate Pack | 125 000 | 4167 4 | 4 | Rare Electrum Players Pack | 30000 | 5000 5 | 5 | Rare Mega Pack | 55 000 | 5345 6 | 6 | Prime Electrum Players Pack | 20000 | 5495 7 | 7 | Mega Pack | 35000 | 5710 8 | 8 | Jumbo Premium Gold Pack | 15000 | 6818 9 | 9 | Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack | 50000 | 7143 10 | 10 | Rare Gold Pack | 25000 | 7440

worth every expensive Pack? In the list you quite expensive packs found near the top. That does not mean that expensive packs worthwhile in any case. It may also happen that in an Ultimate Pack only cards stuck that do not even cover the coin value.

The probability of pulling good players is just slightly higher than in a simple gold pack. So you should never count on a profit from packs - no matter what packs you buys in the shop.

The packs in the shop of FIFA 22

What kind of packs is there? In Ultimate Team you will find different packs:

Standard sets that you find at any time in the shop. Promo packs that come to events or temporarily. There are also new Cosmetic packs in FIFA 22. They are in terms of player cards but irrelevant.

The standard sets in the shop with probability

These sets are card packs that are always in the shop - no matter what event is taking place. They do not offer huge opportunities on top players, but are a way if you do not want to spend as many coins. There are also the preview variants of them.

What is new? According to the current state, there is no longer the usual normal packs. Instead, you can only find the premium variants.

We show you the packs with current probabilities. Important: These probabilities can change as special cards can play a role. We show you the current probabilities (as of 18 October 2021) with road-to-the-knockout cards as event cards.

Premium Gold Pack:

12 gold objects, players and consumables, 3 rare 7500 coins 100% is a player with rating 75+, 31% is a player with 82+ and 8.2% is a player with 83+. Currently there are three different types of RTTK cards in pack - each with less than 1%.

Premium Silver Pack:

12 silver cards, players and consumables, 3 rare 3750 coins 100% is a player with rating 65+, 49% is a player with 72+ and 14% is a player with 74+

Premium Bronze Pack:

12 bronze cards, players and consumables, 3 rare 750 coins 100% is a player with rating 45+, to 83% a player with 62+ and 39% a player with 64+ included

Promo packs in FIFA 22 - only temporarily available

These are Promo Packs: In contrast to the standard sets, your Promo Pack can always receive only a certain time in the shop. In addition, you can appear in a limited quantity that can only be bought limited.

In addition, these are packs that you can also receive in the different rewards from your competitions.

The following list finds your promo packs, which we know so far from the FUT history. Here you will find the prices of the packs and information about the content.

Other packs could be added in the course of the FUT-22 season.

WDT ID | Pack | Coins | Player | Cards | Rare --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |- 1 | Gold Treaties Pack | 800 | No | 4 | 0 2 | Jumbo Bronze Pack | 800 | Yes | 24 | 3 3 | Bronze player Pack | 1 250 | Yes | 12 | 1 4 | Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack | 1 500 | Yes | 24 | 7 5 | Premium Bronze Player Pack | 1 800 | Yes | 12 | 3 6 | Consumables Pack | 3 000 | No | 12 | 1 7 | Jumbo Silver Pack | 4 000 | Yes | 24 | 3 8 | Gold 13 Pack | 4 000 | Yes | 13 | 1 9 | Silver player pack | 5 000 | Yes | 12 | 1 10 | Premium silver player pack | 7 000 | Yes | 12 | 3

Tips and references to packs in FIFA 22

Here we summarize some important information about the packs in FIFA 22.

You do not have to buy packs with FIFA Points for real money, but can do that with coins. For example, you can get coins about trading in FIFA 22. You can display the probabilities of a pack at any time in the shop. So look exactly what card chances a pack actually opened you and then decides if you buy it. There is no guarantee on strong cards. You should pay attention in particular if your pack wants to buy with real money. You should not orient yourself to streamers who invest some huge sums in packs to pull strong cards. Especially at the beginning of a season, it is more likely to build good starter teams with the transfer market instead of getting everything for packs. Then you have better chances of rewards from the competitions from which you can also get packs again. SBCS and goals often include good packs that are not so hard to get. Hold your eyes open and will give you one or the other pack. Look at the preview packs regularly. Here you can try your luck without investing coins.

You already have your team together or is still looking for tickets you can earn rewards? Then here we have 4 strong formations for you, which can help you in the Ultimate team.


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