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Toxicity is still present in Paradox: Employees denounce harassment in the company

A paradox, according to the etymology (from the Greek paradoxos, παράδοξος : contrary to the common opinion , of para: against , and Doxa: opinion ), is an idea or a proposal at first Surprising or shocking view, that is, going against common sense. In this sense, the paradox also refers to a style of style consisting of, in a speech, an expression, generally anthethetic, which goes against the common sense. The paradox, as stated by the ninth edition of the French Academy Dictionary, has come to designate later, more restrictively, a proposal which contains or seems to contain a logical contradiction, or a reasoning which, although without fault. Apparent, results in absurdity, or a situation that contradicts common intuition despite the original definition in the eighth edition of the same dictionary. The paradox is a powerful stimulating for reflection. It is often used by philosophers to reveal the unexpected complexity of reality. It can also show us the weaknesses of the human mind and more precisely its lack of discernment, or the limits of this or that conceptual tool. Thus, paradoxes based on simple concepts have made discoveries in science or philosophy as well as mathematics and biochemistry. There is a large collection of paradoxes in the paradox category. See also small experiences of thought (physics), fallacious reasoning or sophisms (in rhetoric).

Recently, more information about harassment and toxicity has been uncovered in the environment of the creation of video games. But, this time, the company that has led the headlines in this regard has been paradox, because, according to the affected people, cases of discrimination and discrimination have been experienced while a silence culture has been generated . And, although the company has ensured that it would begin to improve the work environment for its employees, now have emerged the experiences of several employees to which they have harassed or underestimated at the Paradox offices.

Several employees have explained experiences related to labor harassment in Paradox These statements have come to light thanks to Eurogamer, which has been able to talk with some employees of the company. In this sense, one of those affected explained a bad experience in which misjected their knowledge : I have been in meetings where I was the only woman in the room, and I said ey, I think we should go in this direction , according to my experience, and someone looks at me and answers you know what, you are here just as a diversity sample . So I think you should shut up on this

The company tolerates misogynic jokes and verbal abuse at meetings This kind of experiences are extended on the Eurogamer website, which leads to reading unpleasant experiences . Following this line, but without going into details, the employees say that Paradox has hired as a person higher than a person who already had a bad reputation for his treatment towards women, a few months after he had been sued by his actions.

Added to this, the worker Svenska Dagbladet explains that the company tolerates misogynical jokes and verbal abuse at meetings, besides that employees are frequently at higher positions to the workers that are below In the hierarchy of the company. In summary, terrible experiences that work as a more evidence of toxicity in the Paradox offices.

A survey revealed that 69% of employees had suffered work harassment This situation was revealed thanks to a survey among the employees of the company in which an 69% of the employees claimed to have suffered some treatment Abusive by his superiors. After this first revelation, the CEO of the company confessed by Twitter having uncomfortable an employee in 2018 and although the creators of Crusader Kings 3 promised to carry out changes in their work environment, it seems that there are no remarkable results .

However, it seems that Paradox is suffering the consequences of their actions , since it lost one of its CEO at the beginning of September because of differences over the future of some of its franchises. In addition, the company has recently announced that it will cancel several of its developing games, which could cause Millionaire Losses for the company.


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