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Trailer of Lightyear, the film about the story of Buzz Lightyear that arrives in 2022

Next summer will arrive at the Lightyear movie theaters, the new Disney and Pixar movie centered on the iconic character of the Toy Story saga.

Movie Lightyear Expands Toy Story s popular cinematographic universe focusing on the character of buzz lightyear and the fictitious story behind the toy, something that was already seen in the animated film of the year 2000 Buzz Lightyear: The film or on the television series of the same year Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

On this occasion the film will count the origins of Buzz Lightyear and the first steps of him in the star command, knowing the process he had since he was a simple pilot to become the popular hero that we all know.

To open mouth, the trailer of Lightyear has been launched, which you can take an eye through the following video.

LIGHTYEAR Trailer (2022) Unlike the rest of the feature films of Universe Toy Story, Lightyear will not have Tim Allen on the protagonist paper, but it will be Chris Evans (Avengers: Endgame, daggers on the back, defend Jacob) who Put the voice to Buzz Lightyear in its original version.

The expression a dream come true is heard a lot, but I had never meant so much for me, said Chris Evans about his participation in the new animation film.

Everyone who knows me know that I am passionate about animation movies, I still do not believe that it is going to be part of the pixar family and working with artists who have an incredible talent and tell stories like nobody knows how to do it, see them work is pure Magic. I m pinching every day to convince me that I m not dreaming, the actor added.

The Lightyear movie will reach the movie theaters next summer of 2022. Meanwhile, here we leave 10 children s series so that children see in Netflix, HBO and Prime Video.


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