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Balloon-d'Or boss Ferre does not exclude subsequent award for Lewandowski

Victor and nominated for the Golden World Award in the classification Best Head career — Comedy or Music (because 2005 Finest Efficiency by Starlet in A Movement Photo — Musical Or Comedy), which grants the most superior exhibition efficiency of the previous calendar year. The category was released in 1951. From 1944 to 1950, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (FPA) awarded a star price (Best Starlet in a Movie) without class by movie genre (see Golden World Award/ Best Head car — Dramatization). 16 times the very best comedy or music akin later on was awarded the Oscar, last in 2019, with the honor of the honor to Olivia Colman (The Fave — intrigue as well as insanity). 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1993, 1995-1997, 2001, 2009, 2015, 2020 and 2021, the prize-winning movie duty located no consideration for The Oscar. Maggie Smith, the winner of 1979 for the crazy The golden state hotel, was later on bestowed the Oscar for the v

Xbox Game Pass: These eight games are now removed from the subscription

Xbox Game Pass is a computer game registration service from Microsoft for use with its Xbox Series X/S and also Xbox One gaming consoles, Windows 11 and also Windows 10, as well as Android and also iOS devices by means of Xbox Cloud PC Gaming. Xbox Game Pass grants customers accessibility to a revolving catalog of video games from a series of authors as well as other premium solutions, including Xbox Live Gold and also EA Play, for a single month-to-month membership cost. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while Xbox Live Gold customers got top priority accessibility on May 24. Clients of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming given that September 15, 2020. In the Xbox Game pass subscription, space is made today! A total of eight games are removed from the Xbox Game Pass subscription. As always, all subscribers can buy the games with a discount of 20% digital before removal. Xbox Game Pass — Distances November 2021 30 . November — Call of the Sea (Cloud, Co

Wow: Small weight becomes the legend, defeated RAID

Michael are world of Warcraft quite useless. But sometimes a little gun is all it takes to kill the Raid boss. If you think of demons in World of Warcraft, then the first annoying devil depths in the PVP or large upper pussy like Sarges or Archimedes come to mind. Only a few would waste her first thought of the little weight, the hexameter occasionally lead. And yet that's exactly this weight can sometimes be great — and make up a kill. What happened? In the fight against the fate writer Roh-Kalo, it looked quite good for the Raid group. The boss was already down to a few percentage points and much was missing to get the kill. But the time was scarce. Because while the DPS characters fired out what the stuff is holding, the cropping mechanics ran in the background. The mechanics demands from the players to bring different runes into determined pedestals. If that does not happen, the whole RAID is extinguished — and exactly that happens too. All players are suddenly wiped out.

The hottest PS5 SSD is to its lowest cost ever before

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals are showing to be extremely preferred this weekend, and one of leading versions is currently 20% off. That's the all new Samsung 980 PRO heat sink design, which is presently just $199.99 at as well as Ideal Acquire now, an excellent $50 conserving considering this SSD just launched in October. This heatsink-equipped PS5 SSD is at the top of many a player's wishlist right now, even without a rate decrease. The heatsink-free alternative has been a record-breaker for a while, but this is the costs' variation that ensures you're ticking all the preferred demands from Sony. Seeing this PS5 SSD offer return for Cyber Monday has been a welcome surprise, with the very same price appearing for a while over Black Friday. As we've stated, this heat sink version just released a month or so ago, making this discount rate a lot more eye-catching suggestion. As previously, we anticipate demand for this bargain is going to be via the roof,

CD Projekt will keep its independence: the company after The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 'is not for sale'

Almost a year ago since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, the last game of the Polish developer, CD Project Red, and after having lived a whole technical tragedy in consoles, the title in its version of PC has known, little to Little, recover the confidence of the players in Steam. The CEO of the company, Adam Kaminski, has spoken with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita in an interview of which Eco NGC has been done, about the future of CD Project and the possibility of receiving new external investment. For years, we have said that we plan to remain independent and that we do not intend to be part of a larger entity, we are not looking for a strategic investor, Kaminski assured. Although the Polish company does not intend to be part of any Another business group, sometimes we have been able to see in the industry more aggressive movements. We plan to remain independent Adam Kaminski One of the most sounded examples of battles by acquire companies by large entities was given with th

This is how you get Shieldon in Pokemon Bright Diamond and Luminous Pearl Weilong Mao

For players who are interested in the revival of prehistoric Pokémon in generation IV-Remake, that is Pokémon shiny pearl, Sheldon is the Pokémon, the player first will find during their escapades in the labyrinth of the large substrate. This rock / steel Pokémon is known to specialize in defense and special defense and continues to strengthen this basis in its development, Bastion. This article performs the players through the procedures required to get the relevant fossil for the revival of Sheldon, and how they can develop it to fully exploit his defense capabilities. How do I get Sheldon in luminous pearl? Sheldon can be purchased exclusively in Pokémon luminous pearl by getting the armament fossil in the Grand Underground and then brings it to the Ore burgh Mining Museum, where a NPC can revive the Pokémon from its ancient sleep in the fossil. In order to dig out fossils, players must participate in excavation mini-games during their exploration of the large substrate. Given t

Stellaris: Console Edition: Launch-Trailer zum Aquatics Species

Legendary Games, formerly Epic Mega games (additionally called EPIC), is an American advancement workshop as well as a cary-based computer game supplier in North Carolina. The workshop is 40% possessed by the Chinese Net Titan Tencent yet the creator of the workshop, Tim Sweeney, maintains full control of the studio with 51% of the shares. Paradox Interactive announces that the Aquatics Species-Pack is now available for the PC version of Stellar is from Steam, Gog and the Microsoft Store for 9.99 Euro (EIA). In addition, the update 3.2 Herbert of the Custodian team has appeared. The update extends the main game and adds numerous improvements to the previous expansion. To celebrate the day, there is the launch trailer for the Aquatics extension: Players can look forward to a fantastic selection of new cosmetics, origins, civilizations and more at this sea-theme package. The latest add-on for Stellar is is available to the fans in the first week after publication with a 20 percent

live stream Stream: Evil Genius 2: World Domination and more starts at 19:45 on Twitch

From 18:45 o'clock you can again see a new selection of games in the live stream live stream. We would be very happy if you turn on and welcome us in the chat. It's starting soon! Here you can see what is on the program today: 22.11.2021 – 19:45 — Evil Genius 2: World Domination and more starts — Xbox Series X stream Click here for stream: We would be very happy if you turn on again today and shares this stream with your friends and groups. Follow live stream on Twitch: So that you do not miss streams, we now recommend that you follow the channel of live stream on Twitch here and activate the notifications. live stream Stream Plan: Which streams are planned so far, you will always find Mondays in the live stream Twitch schedule for the new week, where you can then also set up a reminder. live stream Streamer: You can also follow the live stream streamers on Twitter: XML & THORIDIAS83.

Aydin, the Schalker Beckham and buddy Gündogan

Greece (in Modern Greek, ελλάδα, Ella, AFI: [Lava] (Listen); in Ancient Greek, ἑλάς, Heels), formally Classical Republic (in Greek, ελληνική Δημοκρατία, Helsinki Democratic, AFI: [Clinic Ðimokɾatia], is One of the twenty-seven sovereign states creating the European Union. In this nation they live around eleven million residents who make up a very homogeneous culture, where it is generally spoken Greek, and also it is practiced received Christianity. Athens, the capital, is the most populated city in the country and also the 2nd is Thessaloniki. Various other cities such as Piraeus, Paras, Medallion and Marisa, are political, economic and social facilities at the local degree. Greece is strategically situated in between Europe, Asia and Africa, and also shares terrestrial boundaries northwest with Albania, north with Macedonia del North and also Bulgaria, as well as northeast with Turkey. East is the Aegean Sea, west the sea Ionian and also in the south, the Mediterranean; These 3 sea

The Hunter: Call of the Wild, juego gratis en Epic Games Store

Epic Games, Inc. is an American computer game world well world software program programmer and also publisher bworlded in Cary, North Carolina. The company wworld founded by Tim Sweeney world Potomac Computer Systems in 1991, originally situated in his parents' house in Potomac, Maryland. Following his first industrial video game launch, AZT (1991), the business ended up being Epic Megagrams, Inc. in very early 1992 and also induced Mark Rein, who is the company's vice president to date. Moving their head office to Cary in 1999, the workshop's name wworld streamlined to Epic Games. Epic Games establishes the Unreal Engine, a commercially available game engine which also powers their internally developed video games, such world Fortnite world well world the Unreal, Gears of War world well world Infinity Blade series. In 2014, Unreal Engine wworld named the most effective video game engine by Guinness World Records. Epic Games possesses video game programmers Chair Enterta

Star Trek: Discovery: 4th season still in Germany

Actually, the fourth season of the SCI-FI series Star Trek Discovery on 18 November at Netflix starts to start. For German fans of the series, however, there were bad news shortly before: Netflix sold the rights to the series to the streaming provider Paramount +, which is not available in Germany so far. In Germany, there was no way more to see the new episodes again this year. Surprisingly, the responsible persons of Paramount Pictures have now taken care of that the series will be faster than expected too. Where, and when can you see the new Season Star Trek Discovery? According to the official Star Trek website you will see the Fourth Season Star Trek Discovery still in November 2021. This applies to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and England. The streaming TV station, Pluto TV, is already on 26 . November 2021 at 21 o'clock The first two new episodes radiate the fourth season — and free ! Even the following consequences will not cost anything. T

Fortnite Throwing Axe In Advancement, Might Be New Chapter 3 Tool

Fortnite Chapter 2 is finishing, and also in Fortnite Chapter 3, we may see the launching of a new throwing axe weapon. The news comes by means of a leakage by the video game's leading leaker, hyper, who showed off photos evidently right from the video game's files that illustrate the throwing axe as it currently appears. Whether it concerns the game or winds up not making it in continues to be seen, however usually it holds true that leakers share details on things they understand to be forthcoming, however existing them only as potential future material so as not to burn resources or totally ruin Legendary's intended discloses. Are you also interested in topics related to Throwing Axe Games? video game leading leaker The throwing axe includes a variety of Fortnite stickers on its wood grip, consisting of one illustrating Package, the feline spawn of fan-favorite personality Muscles. It has a lengthy and also sharp head with blue accents on the blade as well as bo

Nintendo GameCube recently filled up to 20 years - Delivery both cube a friend named your favorite game of the device's range

Are you also interested in topics related to Paper Mario Games? Metroid Prime GameCube console celebrated Super Mario 128 was a key name for two various growth jobs in Nintendo. The name was utilized for the initial time in 1997 for a sequel to Super Mario 64 for 64DD, which was canceled. The name was reused for a Gamete visuals demonstration at the 2000 Nintendo Space World Profession Fair. Nintendo slowly incorporated the visuals and physical concepts received the quick generation of Pinyin objects (2001), in the physics of Metro id Prime (2002) And also in the technology of strolling in rounds of The Legend of Zelda: Golden Princess (2006) and Super Mario Galaxy (2007). Super Mario 128 trial captivated the generalized analysis, rumors and anticipation in the media throughout the 2000s. Published by Nintendo in 2001 Gamete console celebrated this year round for 20 years. The device in question saw the light of day in Japan date 14.9.2001, while in Europe, the waiting continued t

Netflix, Videogames and Fantasy: The keys of season 2 of The Witcher. Come to the preview in Madrid with 3D games!

The Witcher series was one of the great protagonists of 2019 for video game fans and series alike. The CD Project franchise is one of the most dear and recognized Sagas de Rol, with one last installment that led excellence Gerald's adventures from Trivia, the protagonist of the stories of Andrew Minkowski, and what gives Life in the series Henry Cavils, who will visit Madrid very soon on the occasion of the premiere of the second season. With desire to be in the preview of the new season of the series in a special way? Because in 3DGEGOS we give you the opportunity to be one of the readers who can enjoy the preview in Madrid with us. How? Very easy! Participate in our contest by answering a series of questions from The Witcher and chooses to be one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the Premiere in Minneapolis with the presence of Trivia Gerald himself, Henry Cavils, next December 9 with One of our double entries. Hurry up and demonstrate that you are an expert in The Witcher! The

Power Pro App new scenario Egypt high school delivery decision! 7th Anniversary Campaign also starts!

INAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. was notified to deliver the new scenario Egyptian High School after maintenance of the new scenario Egyptian High School in the mobile game live powerful professional baseball. INAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a mobile game live-powerful professional baseball (hereinafter referred to as Power Pro Application ), and it will be notified that it will be delivered after Maintenance, November 25 (Thursday), November 25 (Thursday) with the new scenario Egyptian High School. Ancient Egypt's pleasant friends who appeared in the Power Pro series are renewed! We will aim for Kosher while repairing the pyramid together. In addition, Power Pro App celebrates the 7th anniversary this year. Ultra-luxurious campaigns are also carried out with gratitude to everyone! Enjoy the new scenario and the 7th anniversary Power Pro App ! Egypt High School Delivery from tomorrow! Synopsis Giant pyramid that appeared in the ground suddenly! In front of the

Whether 4k TV, coffee machine or PS5: For electronics it is scarce for Christmas

Traders of many sectors worried about scarce product thrust and with them the customers. It is particularly hard to hit the electric articles, more than half of the merchants fear sales losses due to lack of damage. Anyone who wants to gain a new TV or speculate on a Next-Gen consoles must bring patience. This has been partly known for months. But the industry also fears beyond consumer electronics not to be able to master the pre-Christmas crowd. No wonder, here the chip crisis in special and the general lack of damage are twice as possible. by TV to food processor: Half the dealer Fears Dutch So fear 53 percent of all electronics dealers for Christmas significant loss of sales, as a survey of the trade association Germany (HDE) has resulted in October and November (Source: Statista). Also in the areas of sporting goods, plants, musical instruments and furniture are the worries: Overall, there are currently 20 percents of surveyed transactions on the industries from considerabl

Western, Freestyle 2 Revolution Full Service Start

Celebration (Maxi Most Hereon) was 23-day mobile basketball game Freestyle 2: Revolution official service. Freestyle 2: Revolution is a 3-to-3 basketball game in a hip-hop style, using a user's judgment and control in a variety of contents of real-time for real-time judgment and control to decide. The crew will provide 'PF Lewis' on the 2nd day of the game, and provide 'SG Sung min' with the Target Quest completion of the 7th goal quest. We also participate in Lang ca, or we present 'en hip-hop', 'Court Assistant' fashion items through the winning quest. The player roulette is a chance to obtain various items with a variety of game events such as 'PF chanson', 'SG Daewoo', 'Angel's Wing' adventure, Events commemorating the launch in the official café are held. The user can compensate for the game item, participating in the 'best strategy king' and 'team level', and 'club ranking TOP10', and

2 years on, Stadia seems to have no direction left

What initially felt like a truly promising idea, to offer you PC gaming on any kind of tool and also wherever you are has actually become something of a let-down overall. This will certainly no question get me some flak from Stadia steins, yet allows bear in mind I was originally completely marketed on the idea of Stadia. I have a Creators pack, and also I used it nearly daily for rather time. That time promptly lessened, and also at some point came to be none in any way. I can not imagine I am alone because either. At the two-year factor, what did Google do to celebrate Stadia? Near to absolutely nothing. On Reddit the Stadia team looked at some numbers we currently recognized like the quantity of games readily available as well as a few that added special Stadia features. There was likewise a sale on their store, together with a sensible price cut on the Stadia Premiere Edition (₤ 19.99, down from ₤ 69.99), which you can conveniently put down to them intending to eliminate supply

Basketball: DBB President sets clear EM

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the basketball profiling existing because 1946 in The United States and Canada. It is thought about that without a doubt the strongest as well as most popular basketball organization worldwide. Presently, the NBA is composed of 30 groups, 2 of which originate from the USA and a (the Toronto Raptors) in Canada is situated. 15 groups each play in the Western and the Eastern Conference, which consequently are separated into 3 divisions. The season champion will certainly be played in the play-off after an 82 games detailed main round ( Normal Season ), with the eight finest groups of both seminars in 3 rounds after the best-of-seven setting. The ruling master of the period 2020/21 is the group of Milwaukee Bucks. The NBA is a closed league without upstanding or relegated. New players will be distributed over an annual entry draft to the teams, with a previous draw (the draft lotto) with a lot of number based upon the efficiency of the previous

FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller criticizes referee in defeat in Augsburg

Thomas Müller has criticized after the 1: 2 defeat of his FC Bayern Munich at the FC Augsburg Referee Daniel Sievert. The occasion was an unneeded supposed foul on Serge Gnabry before 0: 1. There we may be a bit of bad luck with the referee. That was not a benefit situation. We have already discussed that on the field, but the referee wanted to stay in his opinion, said Müller. Daniel Sievert had decided after a hard, but quite fair boarding against Gary not to cancel the Augsburg attack. For Müller a clear wrong decision: He said that Serge has to drop there. But, where are we going there?! As the main reason for the defeat Müller considers the negligent defense power of his team. The required grip had simply missed, said the national player who had made in Augsburg 600th competitive match for the Munich. Articles and videos about the topic Beckham visiting Bavaria training? Müller to the free-kick God mutated?! Nagelsmann protects and blamed Sanitizer: Not only seen Pacif

Xbox Milestone: Forza Horizon 5 sets phenomenal record

Fora Horizon is a world racing video game for Xbox 360 gadgets. Developed generally by the British game designer Playground Games in organization with Turn 10 Studios, the game is part of the Fora Motorsport franchise, yet it is taken into consideration even more a spin -Off as opposed to the following game of the collection. The game was released on October 23, 2012. A demonstration was released on October 9, 2012. A follow-up was launched on September 30, 2014, under the name of Fora Horizon 2. With Fora Horizon 5 Xbox seems to have landed a real hit. Within a short time, the new racing game hit could not only celebrate one, but two great successes. Fora Horizon 5 sets new Xbox record After the newly published racing game Fora Horizon 5 even before the official release with an early access almost one million players could gather around, the success for Xbox looks even better a few days after publication. Phil Spencer announces on Twitter that together with Game pass subscrib

Dragon ball a difference: Such a game was in the DB

Dragon Ball Z: Buddha is a series of 3D battling video games based upon the preferred manga and also anime Dragon Ball, and its Sub-Series Dragon Ball Z as well as Dragon Ball GT. All video games were developed by DUMPS and also dispersed by Atari as well as Banzai NAMC Enjoyment. Dragon Ball probably knows you as anime, as action role playing or even as a fighting game — but you can imagine the Survival Horror Game Dead by Daylight in the DB Universe? No? But you get that! Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetric online multiplayer The brands Dead by Daylight and Dragon Ball may not fit together at first, but if you look at the new Banzai NAMC game Dragon Ball: The Breakers, is the mixture not even so bad and above all What completely different — at least in this universe. Are you also interested in topics related to Dragon Ball Games? imagine the Survival Horror Dragon ball Game Dead by Daylight The upcoming Dragon-Ball game plays in the universe of Dragon Ball Genovese. You

Can you travel quickly in Paper Mario The Origami King?

The world of Paper Mario The Origami King is really vast with multiple worlds and zones to explore. To go from the first sector that you visit last only while walking, it would take at least 45 minutes to go around the world, and it is only if you do not accidentally enter a battle or two along the way or Do not get lost. Its really huge. As such, you would think that Nintendo would include a form of fast travel system to help you easily in any region of the world, but it is unfortunately not the case... somehow. Although there is a way to travel from one zone to another in the form of various pipes scattered through areas defined in the worlds and the museum of the Crafts, or by the laboratories of the sensors that are located in quadrants such as Picnic Road, there is no exact way to get exactly where you want to go in the game. As such, you can sometimes find you connect distortion pipes and use both sensor laboratories and pipes to reach where you want to go as quickly as pos

The original GTA Games will be restored on PC

A few moments ago, Rock star issued a statement where they apologize for the unexpected technical problems with which it debuted by the recent GTA Trilogy, and promised to work quickly in improving these titles with new updates. A patch will be arriving in the next few days to consoles and PC, but that will not be everything. There are still many people angry due to the fact that the company removed the original versions of these games after the launch of the remasters. For at least PC, Rock star will be correcting this: We will be adding the classic versions of GTA 3, GTA VICE City, and GTA San Andreas back to the Rock star Store shortly as a package. Additionally, they will be giving these games to all those who already have the GTA trilogy remastered. It is worth noting that although the launch of this trilogy has been complicated in PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, in its PC versions it was much worse: many players could not even access these games due to a problem with The

Fortnite: One thing that was so good in Chapter 2 that she has to stay in Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 is replaced by a new chapter soon. As Season 8 offered a magnificent diversity of variety, we show you a particular feature that Epic necessarily should take into Chapter third To which feature it? Its about the new XP system, which was established in Season 8th This system had been carried out in advance at the beginning of Chapter 2, but in a modified form and then only in passing. It revolves around the time card: A business card that you can take out by completing missions. This system was introduced in Season 1st You could with achievements such as submachine gun expert fill your daily time card. There was a small XP boost, which you zugutekam. Now Epic Quest put the system on its head and gave each NPC on the map a time card. Thus, there is no normal quests more, but youve got to hinbegeben for each NPC and fulfill their five tasks. Which is why this system should remain and should not be replaced or altered again, learn it here. Unfinished Battle passp

Rummenigge expects Hertha BSC: The paint is off

Before the city derby against Union Berlin, the former international player Michael Rummenigge harsh criticism of Bertha BSC has practiced. The term old lady meets Bertha BSC well, but in a negative sense. The glamour is gone, Rummenigge wrote in his column for the Editorial Network Germany. The Berlin rival Union was much more attractive and younger and fresher than the big neighbor. There you have managed with clever personnel policy, to overtake the Statdtrivalen -. Namely, without indicator The throttle without taking her mouth too full, stand for something different values ​​and were often even with the transfers correctly than the competition with actually all other financial options, judged Rummenigge. As an example, the 57-year-old called the obligations of Max Ruse or Kevin-Prince Boating: Both are a piece far rebel leaders, which can be anything like but the big difference is. Ruse united in Union all that one also at Bertha had hoped Boating that this but is physicall

VfB Stuttgart: Losses of 80 million euros by corona crisis

Like Heinrich Impel (birthed 27 November 1960) is a German previous professional footballer and also goalkeeping trainer of TSV Contract Stadtallendorf, he is also head coach of the clubs junior varsity. As a player he was a goalkeeper who played from 1975 until 1997 for Borussia Dortmund, VfB Stuttgart as well as Manchester City. He was capped at International level for West Germany and also belonged to his nations squads for the 1982 FIFA Globe Mug, 1986 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 1980 and also UEFA Euro 1988. Given that retiring from football he invested three years as supervisor of VFR Heilbronn before functioning as a goalkeeping train for Besides, OK Austria Wien as well as Fenerbahçe. Impel presently holds the suspicious record for most objectives acknowledged by a Bundesliga goalkeeper with 829 objectives yielded in 534 video games. The corona crisis makes the Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart financially difficult to create. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have 80 million eur

Hoffenheim: Sebastian Hoeneß hopes for an initial ignition

The prerzo-arena (self-ladies Prefer arena), originally and in the language of the lingo likewise Rhein-Neckar-Arena, is a football arena in the Baden-Württemberg Sondheim. Considering that completion in early 2009, the facility is the residence of the Football Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Cofferdam. Nevertheless, it is not in the Sondheim area Cofferdam, yet in the core city of Sondheim. The arena supplies 30,150 seats (consisting of 23,400 seats as well as 6,750 standing areas). Directional stand is the Southland. On January 24, 2009, the Rhine-Neckar Sector opened with an opening event and a game of TSG 1899 Cofferdam against a choice of the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar. On January 31, 2009, the TSG Cofferdam against Energies Cottbus played their very first Bundesliga video game in the new stadium as well as won at the beginning with 2: 0. The TSG is now on the crossroads, the winter had titled on Thursday (Print). For Sebastian Honey, the a bit too dramatic sounded, explaining

Call of Duty - Vanguard in the test: in the west and east nothing new

Call of Duty: Vanguard is usual food without innovations, but that s not possible for a bad game. Update: We have supplemented the test around the part for multiplayer and zombie mode and of course a final rating. Do you still remember the time when every second ago shooter has been feeling in World War II? When the Nazis were the most popular enemy picture in that genre and not yet terrorists from the Middle East? Well, then you are one thing above all: old. This phase is looser already 15 to 20 years back. In between, the biggest war of humanity in computer games was very rare, sometimes not at all. Meanwhile, games again send us a bit more frequently on battlefields in Normandy, in Russia or in the Pacific. For Call of Duty: WWII of 2017, this is only partially valid, because that focuses fully on the European West Front. Four years later, his developer uses Sledgehammer Games World War II in Call of Duty: Vanguard again, this time covers him in its overall width. And that does t