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Dead by Daylight: See more than others - clear cheating?

The Stretched Resolution is a controversial topic Indeed by Daylight. Cheat!, Say the one. Is pretty, the others claim.

Dead by Daylight simply includes smaller quarrels in the community. Either you get excited about too strong killers, too strong survivors or new bugs. However, a topic returns again and again. The so-called Stretched Resolution, that is, the converted resolution. This is considered a clear cheat.

What s going on at Dead By Daylight? Already for months, a topic cooks at Dead by Daylight again and again. It circulates pictures and shots of players who apparently have a fairly distorted screen resolution. Instead of playing in the usual 16: 9, the game is often shown in weird resolutions in which the width contains exactly as many pixels as the height — i.e. 1: 1.

This is possible by a manipulation of the game data — these options are not offered by the game itself.

Why is that problematic? The perspective in Dead by Daylight is extremely important because it decides on fairness in the game. What survivors and killers can see is extremely important to achieve good balance. So there are many objects in the game, which are so high that survivors can not look over it — even from the third-person perspective not.

However, manipulating the resolution of the game, then this will show a breeze, as the following pictures. It is possible to see the killer over objects and always know exactly what he is currently in and out of which he wants to strike. Two examples show that very well. Links is the image with normal resolution, right with Stretched Resolution. It is clearly recognizable that on the right pictures much more can be seen (click to enlarge).

DBD Stretched Resolution: Is It Cheating? Combining this knowledge with a reasonably experienced survivor, then the chances for the killer sink rapidly. Even killers can use this manipulation, with the benefits for survivors being significantly greater, as killers are trapped in the ego perspective.

What the developers say? The developers of Dead by Daylight have already expressed that such manipulation of the resolution is considered cheats — this coincides with a large part of the community.

Some streamers who have played open with such a manipulation have also become directly from the Fog Whisperer program. This is a cooperation with the developers of Dead by Daylight, in which streamer are presented, get pre-information about new content or get codes that you can distribute to your community.

The developers thus clearly see this behavior as cheating.

Anyone who is transformed such a manipulation thus risks his account and thus the achievements and unlocks of a number of hours playing time. So it is urgently advised to manipulate the resolution.

What do the advocates say? However, there are always a few players in the forum that defend this Stretched Resolution. Accordingly, the game simply looks beautiful out if you can see more. Also, it is also possible to say that it can hardly be cheating, because then the option would have been more effectively prevented from the developers.

In most cases, such comments reap many down votes and reactions that these are only excuses of typical cheaters that would reduce the fun in Dead by Daylight for all.

Since the developers have clarified that this is cheating in their eyes, advocating voices have become less common.

What do you think of players who resort to such tricks?


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