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This is how you get Shieldon in Pokemon Bright Diamond and Luminous Pearl Weilong Mao

For players who are interested in the revival of prehistoric Pokémon in generation IV-Remake, that is Pokémon shiny pearl, Sheldon is the Pokémon, the player first will find during their escapades in the labyrinth of the large substrate. This rock / steel Pokémon is known to specialize in defense and special defense and continues to strengthen this basis in its development, Bastion. This article performs the players through the procedures required to get the relevant fossil for the revival of Sheldon, and how they can develop it to fully exploit his defense capabilities.

How do I get Sheldon in luminous pearl?

Sheldon can be purchased exclusively in Pokémon luminous pearl by getting the armament fossil in the Grand Underground and then brings it to the Ore burgh Mining Museum, where a NPC can revive the Pokémon from its ancient sleep in the fossil. In order to dig out fossils, players must participate in excavation mini-games during their exploration of the large substrate. Given the rarity of fossils, players can count on rarely trench.

The Grand Underground can be entered after the player has made their way to Eternal City, where the second Gym Leader Gardenia resides. In addition to the local Pokémon Center, a house will be in which the underground is lives. If you talk to him, a tutorial to the Grand Underground is started. After completion, the players will receive the Explorer kit with which the players can explore the tunnels and courses for free.

This also releases access to the excavation mini-game. Players need to look for yellow diamonds on their map, and if they are in the immediate vicinity, you can locate the exact excavation points by scanning their location by pressing R on your Nintendo Switch. This leads to a beacon on the wall, which initiates the excavation mini-game during interaction.

After a certain number of experiments, the player should be successful to find and dig out an armament fossil that carries the appearance of an egg-shaped shield. To revive the fossil and transform it to Sheldon, players have to leave the Grand Underground and return to Ore burgh City.

North of the Ore burgh Pokémon Center is the Ore burgh mining museum. Go in and talk to the NPC at the counter, he will offer you to turn your fossil back into a Pokémon. Take the offer and leave the building. When entering the revival process is completed, say again with the NPC and the player receives his Sheldon. A Sheldon will develop to Bastion when it reaches Level 30, which requires a little grinding from the player.

Since there are no restrictions on the number of fossils that can be craved out of the Grand Underground. For players who want to complete their Pokédex, it would not be a bad idea to dig up more armor fossils to act with players who have the radiant diamond access to their own fossil Pokémon, Craniums.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Review Pokémon Brilliant diamond and luminous pearl are now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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