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Top 10 Mobile Games 2019

Cacao Games Corp. (Korean 카카오카카오) is a South Korean video clip game Publisher and a subsidiary of Aka Corp. It focuses on the growth and also publication of games on PC, mobile as well as virtual reality systems. The firm was started in 2013. It is led by Who Among and also Kyuhyun CHO.

It was a year of fun and games, this year 2019... A year of big events, developments that change the market and the new innovative game in the cloud. According to tradition, we will choose our best choices and other mentions for the year 2019, and we will focus on mobile games, because it's our job. The list goes independently of the order of appearance because we believe that it is not necessary to choose between these 10 best games, which have managed to make a breakthrough in their respective genres, to combine genres otherwise incompatible and to get a critical success.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile The release date was December 11, and Pearl Abyss finally launched its successful game for the Western market. The original version of the game was in 2018 and came here on Android and iOS. The game has already exceeded the four million users registered only two months after its provision for registration.

The game has been developed, published and focused on the Western markets by Pearl Abyss, a studio based in South Korea and this title MMORPG is its most popular and famous creation. The studio uses its own owner engine and is rented for its visual style and advanced graphics, as well as for an innovative approach of all kind in terms of play mechanics and everything else. It has been acclaimed for its environs environment in depth, its high personalization levels both visual and in terms of game style, and has broken all standards in virtually all other aspects.

Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes The release date is always fixed for the spring 2020, but the game is already in advance access since the beginning of December 2019. This is the next revolutionary mobile game, proposed by Ne tease Games and C is everything they promised. It brings a deeply immersive multiplayer science-fiction sandbox online throughout the world of Eve Online that we love and respect all. It took a while for the acclaimed spatial MMORPG to be carried on the mobiles, but it is finally there, and it brings the unspoiled experience according to the comments of the community so far.

The game is placed in a parallel New Eden. In this game, the open world concept is replaced by an open space, because the universe is the scene of the interstellar fight, piracy, exploration, the harvest of resources, industrial manufacturing, trade and many other multiplayer social activities. Even before its official release date, Eve Echoes seems ready to develop the community and also include mobile games. The game brings the same experience as the original, with the same possibilities, and the social aspect of the game is always impressive 16 years later.


Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is a game from the PC Might and Magic game series, especially H₃. Ubisoft finally introduced the mobile franchise and their perseverance has permanently paid. There have been other attempts in the past with Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians, but it is the first title that presents the original history, the characters, units, skills and gameplay elements of the famous games of Strategy in turn per turn.

The game has received praise and high notes on iOS and Android, mainly exceeding 4.5 stars. The story brings familiar characters like Queen Catherine Gryphonheart, Gel, Sandro and Solar and follow up the Heroes of Might & Magic III campaign. However, it is better to consider it as a title in itself, which complements the original history, the characters and uses some mechanics and units of the original games.


Mobile disease game is developed by Barely Bird Games Company. It's a game of action in a thug style and a pixel-art appearance. The project has been financed without success via Kickstarter, but the game is always available for Android and iOS in the hope that players help with their comments. Ladybird Games Company is native to the United Kingdom. It is an independent studio, but he co-founded and Generalist CGI Ivan Panasonic has more than a decade of experience in the CG industry.

Top 10 iOS Games 2019

The game is filled with crazy action. The overall history brings you to your character, Jonathan, who is only a regular member of the crew of the Space Carrier Frontier-16. The year is 2326 A.C. It suddenly wakes up three days later, after they were about to help the ship with the SOS signal. What he finds is for the least disturbing. This title currently has 4.3 stars on Google Play and 4.7 stars on the iTunes App Store, and it is rented everywhere.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile The release date was October 1, 2019. This title marks the transition from the Cod Franchise acclaimed by criticism towards mobile devices, and it was made possible by Tencent for iOS and Android. The series is also known to offer a first-person shooting game that since 2003, when it started with a game taking place at the time of the Second World War. However, over the years, the frame has evolved to cover many other historical and fictitious conflicts, and it is now time for a mobile multiplayer royal battle.

On Google Play, Call of Duty: Android Mobile has a 4.7-star rating over several thousand votes right now, increasing time in time. On iTunes App Store, iOS Cod has 4.4 out of nearly 10,000 votes, also increasing rapidly, and the game is already 3 in action. Tencent aimed to force everything we love in the kind of multiplayer shooting, providing improvements and solutions to the problems that most games have not yet managed to overcome.


Journey was presented by ThatgameCompany, which is an independent studio, and it is an artistic video game that focuses on realistic graphics and a visually impressive artistic style. It has been published for other platforms since its original launch in 2012, but finally arrived at PC and mobile in 2019. It places a player in a mysterious and visually beautiful setting, with a focus on exploration Old civilizations.

Furthermore, it plunges the player into a simple gameplay, with basic functions like running, jumping and interacting, but it's his content and presentation that make the trick. On the iTunes App Store, Journey has a rating of 4 stars, and the game is exceptionally well-received all around. His immersive experience is greeted by the community, and the only problem is that it is a premium game, but worth the price of about $5 for the mobile version.

Dragon Champions

Dragon Champions deserves his place on this list simply for his critical praise he enjoys on Android and iOS. On Google Play, the game has 4.5 stars of more than 9,000 votes, while in the iTunes App Store, its current note even reached 4.9 stars. This is a free Fantastic Mobile RPG, with geisha flavor, impressive graphics and an immersive scenario. Its PVP and EVE tactical battles have conquered a public, while the entire experience is described to summarize the old-fashioned MMORPG but with modern features and kicks.

The dragons and the demons are competing in mysterious reflections, and we face a team of our own champions, which is where the geisha comes into play. As usual, there are several races, including humans, including humans. The elves, the orcs, the pandas, the goblins, and more, and they are all divided into two main factions. The meeting can be advanced, improved, armed and modified to create the best possible strategy, and the replayability of the game is what has allowed it to reach such a reputation.


DATA UNDERWORLDS The mobile game was long in its beta version and anticipated access, with patches and adjustments made by Valve as and when. The game presents all the original licensed heroes of Defense of the Ancients, as well as objects, mechanisms, hero talents, animations and visuals. It aims to satisfy the need of the massive online community Data 2 of a mobile game to occupy them during their free time, when they do not play the game itself.

Being described as a game of automatic chess does not do justice to this game, or maybe yes, but you must first understand what it is. This game consists of preparing and knowing its internal operation, just like the original. The heroes are divided into levels of 1 to 5 and some are less gold while others are more expensive. It has 3.9 stars on Google Play and 4.4 on the iTunes App Store, on nearly 100,000 votes for both. This game is just as exciting as the original when you win a tour, and it is even more devastating when you lose.


This is a long-awaited mobile version of the famous Grim valor game. The game managed to wear on mobile devices, iOS and Android and maintain its original attraction and even won the game price of the year in 2018. This is an action platform game Fast where we play as a warrior who investigates the Kingdom of Mallards, in the middle of a plague that transforms people into monsters.

The game is compared to Metroidvania and Dark Souls, and it certainly does its best to impress its actions, graphics and features of gameplay. This is a premium purchase on the iTunes App Store, but it enjoys a perfect rating of 4.9 stars and is 63 in Adventure. On Google Play, Grim valor Android is free and also enjoys a high rating of 4.5 stars, with more than 10,000 votes on both stores.

AFK Arena

AFK Arena The mobile represented the next and the first concrete step of the Idle Games, in terms of at least title. Inactive games, or incremental / clicker games, are famous for meeting people to play a game without having to face a lot. It currently benefits from 4.6 stars on Google Play and 4.7 on the iTunes App Store.

Naturally, AFK (Away from Keyboard) is a term of the old school that has emerged well before the mobile phone and mobile games. AFK Arena was developed by Lilith Games, who also brought us Rise of Kingdoms, Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest, Dank Tanks and many others. In addition to allowing you to go to AFK, the second part of the title suggests that it is a combat arena, which also means a collector of heroes. You build your team, and you launch in battles — the usual stuff.

This is our list of the top 10 mobile games for 2019. The honorable mentions include mobile Legends Adventure, which is a game based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and expands the franchise, and Football Manager 2020 mobile, developed by the people who built The original championship manager of the 90s. We would also like to mention Star dew Valley and the former fun pastimes that have become incredibly popular over the last three years. Raid Shadow Legends, a game that has engendered a cult, and Grid Autosport, the latest opus of the favorite Coca series of code masters fans, often considered the best racing game franchise today.


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