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NPC is the main character RPG "Sorry, NPC" to February 24 delivery. Just NPC, adventure following the hero stolen money

Developer's 42Teaparty announced on February 17, RPG " Sorry, NPC " to deliver the Nintendo Switch version on February 24. The price is 499 yen and can be purchased for 10% off 449 yen until March 2. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display. "Sorry, NPC" is a short RPG to stage the world where the story is supposed to be able to defend the demon king and save the world. The main character is not the hero, but just NPC. The hero has made his money to regain his money because he has taken his money, and it will go out to the adventure to look for a brave. If you think by hitting his chest and think about it, there should be any one of your thoughts. Not only get rewards, etc. There will be many gamers who made her hero rather than the figure of such a hero. In this work, as such RPG, we will experience the natural scene and experience the story from the perspective of NPC, which is the "victim". It seems to be a relatively orthodox with