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Nongshim won the first championship at the end of the 5th set of '2022 LCK Challengers League Summer'

** -Nongshim, from the first round of the playoffs to the finals with a 3 to 2 full set, winning the winning victory. -In the final MVP, ‘DNDN’ Park Geun-woo I think all of our team members are MVP -Summer playoffs offline competitions. The finals are with 150 fans Nongshim Red Force lifted the first championship trophy at the end of the 5th set in the 2022 LCK Challengers League Summer Finals on the 26th. After finishing the regular season to fifth place, Nongshim Red Force won the final with a set score of three to two. In the finals, he won the championship by writing the reversal of the defeat win. The first set succeeded in overwhelming the baseline, with Damwon Kia's concentration every time he fought. In the second set, Nongshim made a pleasant start with the trend of Lee Seung-bok, Lee Seung-bok, who won the first point in the mid, but showed a regret after breaking down. On the other hand, Damwon Kia won two set scores in the midst of the synergy between 'Luc

Toy cars diversify last year's best (driving) game - in review forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels

Forza Horizon 5 meets all the criteria for a great car game, as we criticize. It looks gorgeous, allows the player to furry freely around the scenery, and the steering feel encourages to take the most out of the huge range of cars. happened in 1968 Cult, Idge of the Arcs foundations in order Hot the Wheels Add-ons offers much the same, though Mattel's playflowers change the game's spirit towards a slightly more limited crap. happened in 1968 Not the first time the hot wheels arrive in the Forza series universe. Forza Horizon 3 built a full-blooded DLC around the brand, and even in the fourth part, there was a chance to buy a theme package. Tovi then published Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels expands the parent game experience in a separate world. New cars, labyrinths of realism scrap bin (from orange plastic, of course), and a slice of new challenges so alone or on the multiplayer side. During the tutorial, the narrator will educate the player from Hot Wheels history and

Supply United States Mars was postponed to February 2, 2023

It's not just AAA productions that feed a passion for reports. The Dutch studio Keoken Interactive likewise mosts likely to his contribution and also announces that his adventure video game Supply United States Mars will be readily available on February 2, 2023 rather of September 27, 2022. Trailer A rather significant hold-up, for that reason, for this title announced as one of the most ambitious of the workshop currently author of Supply United States The Moon. Small alleviation set for scientific research fiction enthusiasts, this title published by Frontier Factory will certainly increase in a brand-new trailer on August 24, during the Gamescom Future Games Show program. We remember that the video game occurs 10 years after its predecessor and will make us play Kathy Johannson, the youngest astronaut on the planet, while she embarks on board the Breeze along with her staff in response to a distress signal from Of March. Their goal: to recoup the arches of the nest, stolen