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FC Bayern, Information and Reports: Sven Ulreich criticizes Schiri choice

Substitute goalkeeper Sven Ulrich criticized 05 referee Benjamin Corpus after the victory of FC Bayern Munich. FCB trainer Julian Nagelsmann gave the all-clear at the influence changed Matthias de Ligt. FC Bayern, News: Sven Ulrich slams referee decision FC Bayern, News: Cling at Matthias de Ligt FC Bayern, Information: Confidence at Manuel Neuer at comeback FC Bayern, Report: Bot 100 million for João Félix? FC Bayern, Information: Julian Nagelsmann introduces rotation FC Bayern: The games until the World Mug break You can locate more news as well as reports about Bavaria here. FC Bayern, News: Sven Ulrich slams referee decision Bayern employer Oliver Khan went to Ulrich, in spite of the blunder in front of the goal. Sven does it excellent, I assume he played extremely well. I constantly stated: at 5: 1 you can do that, it would not have happened to me at 1-0, claimed the FCB CEO. Generally, Khan commended the team's performance: We are hard to compute. If everybody in the group

Everything you should know to enjoy the day of the Litwick Community in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go will celebrate this Saturday, October 15, 2022, on the day of the Lit wick Community. Between 14:00 and 17:00 (local time) coaches can take advantage of the benefits of the event while capturing the Pokémon Vela. We tell you everything you should know so not to miss anything about this expected moment. All the details of the Lit wick Community Day in Pokémon Go Lit wick will appear more frequently during the previously commented strip, including its tricolor version. If you evolve a Lament to Chandelier from the beginning to five hours after the end of the event, you will get the Pokémon to learn poltergeist. This loaded attack performs 140 damage points both in coach fighting and gyms and incursions. To evolve it you will find a free temporary investigation in which you can win up to four Tesla stones; usual, there will also be a payment modality, called field notes: the light of the light. For 0.99 euros you will find it in the store. Between 14:00 and 17:00 (loc

Dungeon search log type RPG Finding Hermit Nilda will be available in free software as an offline version -The next work will be developed

Ohio Mariachi, a personal game developer, has released free software as an offline version of the dungeon search log type RPG, which is released as a browser game, as a browser game. This work is a spiritual successor to the log RPG that Mr. Mariachi developed and operated when he was in the game company. Mr. Mariachi has been participating in the development of Wizardry Online and Wizardry Summer, etc. The Finding Hermit Hilda browser game version has started official service on November 14, 2021, but the server. It will be closed due to costs and other reasons. The browser game version of the play data can be downloaded to the offline version released this time within 2022. The development of Finding Hermit Hilda 2 has also been announced, and it may be possible to use Term Code that can be obtained in the current browser game version. The browser game version of Finding Hermit Hilda is scheduled to be closed in November. Please note the download deadline for play data.

Romance horror game, domestic visual nobel 'late night school' funding success

A new domestic visual Nobel has emerged with a bizarre atmosphere. It is a 'late night school' who teaches four students with their own stories. Eternity Nine, a developer, is a one-person developer of the indie game developer. In September last year, he launched a stove in the stove, which deals with the story of the protagonist who wants to take his life and the heroine who wants to stop him. According to the funding site description, the late night school is 'Deep Dark Visual Nobel, which combines mystery, fear and romance.' The protagonist is a fixed-term teacher who continues to make a livelihood. More than half of them must be persuaded to persuade students with each story and graduate. In the game, the goal is to persuade students who are refusing to go to school, to study students in school, to study, and to help them graduate safely. During the 61st day, you will visit the place you want on the world map to meet a specific student or find information. Up