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15 Best Modifications to Help Poor Timmy Lost in the Forest Avoid Becoming the Worst Parent of the Year

Poor Timmy has been lost in the forest for so long that he has begun to have his own children and, at this step, you run the risk of appearing among the worst parents of the year. The fate of your family depends on your success, and your old friends of have the solution: a series of tricks that you can use to manipulate your path to a happy ending. With these objectively fantastic the 10 best modifications for The Foresters to the cannibals, you will rescue your child and return in time for tea.

Definitive trick menu

Image Source: Night Games Let's start with Mack Daddy, and move from there. The most popular mod available to The Forest offers you the world, to fold your will as best seems. The latest trick menu does exactly what is announced, including the skills to freeze time, build and repair instantly, reappear animals, items or mutants, or suddenly fly through the air like Quiche returning to its planet of origin. And those are just the fast access keys options; There are a lot of other tricks at your disposal, from the control of the climate and the environment to everyone's last dream: keep infinite trunks at the same time. Once you have played with this mode enough time, the simple mortals will kiss your feet. But don't worry, there are many other fun modifications (read: a little stupid) that you can also try.


Image source: The forest map As my grandfather always said, there is nothing worse than getting lost in the darkness of the forest, especially when it is full of cannibals. By assembling with this practical Dandy map, you will have all those fools marked right there, so they will never catch you off guard. You can also see the location of all players on your server. You can pass the cursor on your icon to see your name, if you wish. It is important to know the identity of your allies in the search for survival, even if it is something as unfortunate as Fartsoffury. If you notice some visual inconsistencies here, keep in mind that the image included is not of the mod, but of the interactive map carefully created by a community member. This is also very useful, but it is not related to mods, so we will not extrapolate anymore. Let's take off your hat against cartographers that make our lives easier.

Complete inventory

Image source: End night Games through The Forest Wiki I have gadgets and gadgets in abundance. I have Whoa zits and Whatsits in abundance. Do you want things? I have twenty! But who cares? It is not a big thing. I wish... more. So I installed this mod and pressed F7 to completely fill my inventory with everything I could desire. It may not be the most rewarding way of accumulating goods, but it cannot be discussed with that efficiency. The only question is now what incredible things you will create with all those resources. Our recommendation is the Happy Birthday trap, because there is nothing better than celebrating someone's special day as a bed of spikes nailed in his butt.

Forest Champions

Image Source: Night Games In the old days, when we first list the modifications for The Forest (I think it was in 1932), we included a tool for the improvement points of the player that allowed you to level your protagonist to improve their statistics. Although that mod has been discontinued since then, a new creator has emerged instead. It is called Champions of the Forest, and not only sounds like a particularly exciting episode of The Animals of Farthing Wood, but is loaded with even more characteristics to end the tooth to a cannibal. Personalized weapons, personalized statistics, options to adapt to your configuration as best may seem, and even a variety of spells so that you go from being a survivor desperate to a magical killing machine. Keep in mind that this mod does not work well with the Ultimate Cheat Menu mentioned above, so download it accordingly. Executing both apparently causes unwanted behavior, which could mean anything, from peculiar failures to use in the church.

Infinite Ty roles

Image source: End night Games through The Forest Wiki There are few things in this life as stimulating as grabbing of a zip line, arm yourself with value and fly through the air. The perspective of an infinite zip line, then, is euphoria multiplied by infinity. Establish your starting point and voilà, for all eternity. Maybe you can even leave the island completely in this way?

The Forest narrative is a bit at the height of the interpretation, but we are quite sure that it was not canonical that Eric Leblanc renounced to save his son and, on the other hand, built a throat that led him to space. … Until now.


Image Source: Night Games The future of commercial aviation is a bit unstable for this fictitious airline, because every time someone makes the unfortunate mistake of choosing to fly with them, they inevitably end up crashing into some deep place of the Canadian nature. Maybe it is the route that is to blame, who knows; The only thing that is certain is that their insurance cousins must be very high. High sky, Carl. Every time you jump to a new game, you are forced to suffer the trauma of the shock every time, unless you have the strength and willpower to press the space bar. With this mod, however, leg work is done by you, and you can start again like a margarita on the landing site. Yes, we have reached a point of laziness in which to press the space bar is too much for us. We are not ashamed.


Easy to build

Image Source: Night Games Building a home with the resources surrounding you is surely an exhausting issue. The shelters are a requirement for your survival against the elements, but you will have to accumulate many trunks if you want to build something that does not look like the miserable house of courts of the USA. It's time to work more intelligently, not hard, boys. Here is a mod for you that reduces the necessary resources for all buildings literally in half. That's right, you can take shortcuts and reap the benefits! It is his own personal embezzlement scam, although it may not be so exciting when what is embezzling is wood.

Tree reappearance

Image Source: Night Games I mean, it would be quite disappointing if we could not find a mode related to the game called The Forest. Every night, the trees will reappear in 10 % of their total number while sleeping. That may seem a good amount, but we are a greedy group that seeks instant gratification, so we like to apply this mod that assigns spontaneous growth to the Shift+R command. As a magician who invokes outbreaks from the same floor, we blessed this world with our beautiful foliage. The only thing we regret with this mod is that they lost the opportunity to call it Respawn. And that is a damn shame.

Challenge of appearance of the 22nd

Image Source: Night Games Sometimes, you just want to hang out with some cannibals without having to worry that a presumed beast of Lovecraft strolls and ruins your business. And you know what? Alright. We live in a world where we have options, and as in the kindergarten, you don't have to play with someone if you don't want. The mutants are known for monopolizing the slide, for example. Apply this mod and can adjust the sliding controls that affect the rates of appearance of the various evils that lurk. Theoretically, you could reduce them all to 0 and turn the game into a pleasant camp simulator. Could that be fun?

days and longer nights

Image Source: Night Games Don't you have enough hours in your day? Do you find you little time and fight frantically to do things? So, there are no awards to guess what this mod does.

Well, maybe a small prize. As the guy you would get in a cereal box in the early 90s. By doubling the duration of the days and nights, you will become the hyperemic entrepreneur that your parents always dreamed that you would be. Keep in mind that dusk in The Forest is not exactly a pleasant experience, so be sure to use your daylight hours to build a solid strength that can protect yourself from the things they hit at night. Alternatively, feel free to spend that extra time playing with the infinite zip line. Oh!

Best planes

Image Source: Night Games Are you fed up and tired of your lousy planes? OF, look at them. They are disgusting and barely blue! For this reason and only for this reason, it is possible that the Mod Better Blueprints may attract you. You can rotate elements quickly or build without anchor points, which simply allows you to not follow the laws of physics and build your fabulous new house hanging precariously from the edge of a cliff. You can opt for all these characteristics or just some, if you want at least a superficial sense of logic in your life. This mod also offers an eternal throat, so if you did not have the opportunity to bite that offer before, now it is your opportunity. To infinity and beyond, Buzz.

bigger backpack

Image Source: Night Games Enthusiastic travelers will attest to the value of packing with sense while they are away. Putting off things recklessly will only raise the problem and get it. Why go through this type of stress when you can equip your own bigger backpack? The use of the notes Bloc application will allow you to establish the relevant values to your whole satisfaction. 0 means that you can store an infinite number, while-1 will do the opposite, preventing any. Yes, the largest backpack mod can fool you for being larger only, with a storage capacity of nothing. What cunning kit is that! Its only resource can be to follow the example of the image above and kill another person for their most efficient backpack. Always as an illustration, of course, we are not actively promoting such a mutiny.

Without recovery time to sleep

Image Source: Night Games As it is the norm in the games, sleeping in The Forest passes time and allows you to heal. One of these days there should be a game that resembles exactly to sleep at 30, in which you wake up exhausted and with an indescribable feeling of dread. In any case, sleeping in the forest is so relaxing that you may feel inclined to do so as you want. With the Mod No Sleep Col down, he will do exactly that: follow his afternoon nap with a healthy dream in the afternoon, and then, perhaps a dream in the afternoon that leads to a snoring in the afternoon? You will be cured enough by then, but it serves as an effective way to spend time. After all, you don't have a chess board or a partner willing to play. These cannibals hate chess, although I heard rumors that they like one.


Image Source: Night Games The tide is high, and I'm enduring. I will be your #1. I am not the type of girl who gives up as well as. What kind of girl am I, then? The guy who is really interested in The Forest modifications that allow him to change the flow of tides depending on the time of day….


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