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How To Create The Ultimate Darth Vader Build In SWTOR: A Step-By-Step Guide

Legendary Implants and Tactical Product.

This specific Never-ceasing build concentrates on boosting damage output, giving abilities that Vader is understood for, increasing the schedule of Force Choke, and acquiring bonus offers when gamers make the silly choice to disable you rather of escaping.


Keep in mind: This construct is not ideal for endgame content and must just be used when playing alone or role-playing with buddies. It is beginner-friendly and does not require you to be at level cap to play it.

How to Produce Obi-Wan Kenobi in SW TOR: Complete Build Guide.

The exact Bracers are quite unimportant. You can use anything that does not clip through the Gloves. Likewise, the Diabolizes Gloves are not necessary; any standard leather gloves will do, though I do not think there are too lots of options that fit the expense rather in addition to the Diabolizes Gloves.

Unlocked at level 35. Crushing Blow is your big whopper lightsaber swing. If you've utilized Aegis Attack just recently, it's your most powerful attack that also deals damage to other close-by enemies and knocks down any normal opponents you manage to hit with it.

Combat Style, Discipline, and Ability Tree Choices.

Unlocked at level 43. Vicious Toss is another capability where you get to toss your lightsaber. Its variety is considerably less than that of regular Saber Throw, and it can just be utilized against targets that have less than 30% staying HP, but it deals a massive quantity of damage and has a much shorter cooldown.


Unlocked at level 60. Invincible is much simpler than your other defensive abilities. You aren't actually invincible, you simply take significantly less damage for a brief duration of time. Activate Invincible if you're taking a lot of damage and not sure what capability to use.

Story, Fight Style, and Gearing Choices.

Secret Abilities.

How to Produce Emperor Palatine in SW TOR: Full Build Guide.

Crushing Blow.

Champions Precision substantially increases your critical opportunity for a brief time after triggering Threatening Rage, increasing your damage output.

I'd like to note that while Vader is incredibly strong with the Force, he doesn't do anything super flashy with it beyond displays of strength, definitely not like his master. He also pretty much specifically slashes with his lightsaber. I could not find an instance in any of his fight scenes where he swung his saber in a stabbing or thrusting motion.

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Vicious Toss.

Aegis Assault.

Enraged Defense.

At the time of publishing, the Unrelenting Terrors Armor Set and Ardent Defenders Lightsaber were available for sale on the Cartel Market, however the Diabolizes Armor Set and Unrelenting Interceptor Mount were not. You can also purchase any of these items from the GTN or directly from another gamer.

To learn more on gearing, take a look at my guide on Which Mods to Buy from Hyde and Week. For a Darth Vader build, I recommend gearing like a Skank Tank, which is concentrated on increasing stats that increase damage output while factoring in that you are utilizing a tank discipline, so there's no requirement for Precision, only Alacrity and Vital Ranking. Make certain to still gear up a guard though.

These builds are not optimal for endgame material and ought to just be used when playing alone or role-playing with friends They are beginner-friendly and do not need you to be at level cap to play it. If you are looking to find out how to enhance your character build to reach its real capacity for the SW TOR Endgame, please read its dedicated Class Guide.

Saber Reflect.

This list develops and consists of guides to famous characters from the Star Wars universe developed as closely as possible in Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG. The builds feature everything you need to know to be able to role-play as famous heroes and bad guys from different mediums where they are included and represented within the Star Wars franchise!

Courageous Victor.

If you wish to reduce costs, instead of a Black and Black Dye Module, you can use a Secondary Black Dye Module from an Underworld Exchange supplier, P-5C3, in the Cartel Bazaar on the Fleet, though some parts will be a bit grayer. The Sith Annihilators Handier is a good inexpensive option to the Diabolizes Gloves.

Offensive Abilities.

The Sith Annihilator armor set can be bought from the Adaptive Equipment Vendor, Captain Than, on the Imperial Fleet for a paltry amount of credits.

Unlocked at level 43. Endure Pain grants short-term additional health and gets rid of cleanable rebuffs, it's excellent for when you just need to last a bit longer versus a more formidable adversary. If your health is lower than the amount given by this capability when the effect ends, you'll endure with just a single point of HP left, so you much better make sure you're the only one left standing!

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Unlocked at level 56. Angered Defense heals you when you are attacked, however it can't be triggered while you have high health. It's fantastic for restoring control in a battle after your challenger handled to land a fortunate hit due to the fact that you were just toying with them.

Accessible at level 68. Saber Reflect causes you to use your lightsaber to reflect all incoming non-melee damage back at your aggressors for a few seconds, just as Vader did to those poor, defenseless rebel soldiers in that glorious corridor of scary. If you bite off a bit more than you can chew if you inadvertently bring in the attention of too numerous opponents or desire to reroute a singular effective attack, it's excellent.

Fearless Victor makes your melee attacks deal more damage for a brief amount of time after investing Rage, your class resource, on a melee attack.

Clothing and Weapon.

In this section, I'll be reviewing specific Immortal Juggernaut capabilities that match Darth Vader's fighting style, consisting of lightsaber swings, Force attacks, and protective maneuvers. To be clear, this is not a total list of all Never-ceasing Juggernaut capabilities, I am only shining a spotlight on particular appropriate ones.

Endure Discomfort.

Darth Vader is the Emperors individual enforcer. He has a lot of agencies and is exceptionally effective, but was never ever truly complimentary. The Sith Warrior story has comparable beats where you are chained however powerful by others, and end up being the Emperors Rage.


Saber Ward.

SW TOR Character Develops.

How to Develop Darth Serious in SW TOR: Complete Build Guide.

Vicious Slash.

Unlocked at level 1. Attack is you a lot of standard lightsaber swing. It deals a percentage of damage to a single enemy and has no cooldown. In lieu of dealing more damage, it generates 2 Rage rather of costing any, so you are always able to utilize it presuming you're in range.

Opened at level 1. This is a basic lightsaber swing that deals moderate damage to a single opponent and has no cooldown, however costs 2 Rage per activation. It is weaker than the attacks I've mentioned currently, but if you have spare Rage, this is a great alternative to use while you're waiting for a more powerful attack to end up being readily available.

Darth Vader is a middle-aged war veteran, quadruple amputee, and burn victim. Through miracles of contemporary medication at the Emperor Palatine Surgical Restoration Center, he uses robotic arms and legs, in addition to a life assistance match to work generally.

Unlocked at level 15. Warding Strike is a lightsaber swing that deals a moderate quantity of damage to a single opponent, generates 6 Rage, and grants enthusiasts that increase your damage decrease and improve the efficiency of your shield generator.

Unlocked at level 15. Saber Ward resembles Saber Reflect because you're using your lightsaber to safeguard yourself. However, unlike Saber Reflect, Saber Ward works versus all kinds of damage and lasts over twice as long, though it works differently for various types of attacks. For weapon attacks, it considerably increases your chance to dodge them completely, but for other attacks, it soaks up part of the damage you take.

Threatening Rage.

This area will focus on crucial choices you'll need to make in order to end up with a play style and story that fits Darth Vader's character.

Opened at level 27. Darth Vader's signature Force attack isn't nearly as deadly as it is on the huge screen, however that's since stuns are incredibly effective given that you can continue to attack while your challenger is entirely disabled. You'll be able to utilize it more typically than any other Warrior discipline though because dealing damage with Squashing Blow lowers its cooldown.

The robotic legs make him extremely high and imposing, though underneath the match, extreme burns arising from a tactical error that no one could have forecasted have left him bald and his skin in extremely poor condition.

Grit Teeth.

If you desire more information on how to play and tailor this discipline efficiently for group Eve content, like Flash points and Operations, check out Bongos 7.0 Immortal Juggernaut Eve Guide.

Unlocked at level 15. Threatening Rage does a lot of various things at the exact same time and can be used during your other capabilities. It generates 6 Rage, deals damage to all close-by enemies, increases your defense versus weapon attacks, purges movement-impairing impacts, lowers the cooldown on your taunts, and increases your critical chance. I see it as a game representation of Darth Vader's enforcing presence, though it doesn't match the visual appearance of his moves.

Unlocked at level 47. Saber Toss is another of Darth Vader's signature abilities. It deals a moderate quantity of damage and generate 3 Rage. The damage dealt is practically identical to Vicious Slash, but has a relatively long cooldown for an attack, so there's little benefit to using it against targets in melee variety unless you're short on Rage, which shouldn't happen extremely typically.

Grit Teeth lowers the cooldown on Saber Ward whenever you take damage, allowing you to utilize it a lot regularly.

Saber Throw.

Accessible at level 27.

Sweeping Slash is very comparable to Vicious Slash. The only differences are that it can hit numerous targets, however does not deal quite as much damage as Vicious Slash, so just utilize it instead of Vicious Slash if you can strike multiple opponents.

Sweeping Slash.

The only things you really have to care about for Darth Vader are Male and Body Type 3 unless you want to take the mask off. When played by Sebastian Shaw in Episode 6 rather than Hayden Christensen, I've gone for something more akin to how he looked.

These are attacks that deal damage to one or more enemies. Typically, they can not be used at the very same time as one another. Some of them cost Rage, which is the Juggernauts class resource and many of them have brief cooldowns that prevent them from being spammed.

Defensive Abilities.

Force Choke.

Build Basics:. Ridiculing Strike. Sweeping Slash. Crushing Grip. warmaker. Solidified Defense. Saber Reflect. Pooled Hatred.

This SW TOR Darth Serious Build Guide will show you how to create a character as close and as genuine with Look, Attires and Secret Capabilities! It reproduces the character from before the occasions of Episode 3.

I recommend a combination of the Sith Annihilator and Unrelenting Terrors Armor Sets as the base with a Black and Black Dye Module and the Ardent Defenders Lightsaber with a routine Red Color Crystal.

Immortal Juggernaut with an emphasis on damage output is the most fitting choice without a doubt due to the fact that it's a tank discipline (though you'll usage DPS gear) that mostly includes weighty lightsaber swings and high survivability.

Origin Story.

Sex: Male Types: Human being Physique: 3 Head: 5 Scars: 17 Complexion: 63 Eye Color: 1 (or 15). Beards: 1. Hair: 1. Hair Color: 6. Skin Color: 1.

Champions Precision.

This SW TOR Obi-Wan Build Guide will show you how to create a character as close and as genuine with Appearance, Attires and Key Abilities! It replicates the Hero of the Republic, from before the events of Episode 4.

Red Color Crystals can be crafted by Artifice, bought from the GTN, other players, or the PVP Items supplier in the PVP alcove in the Combat Section of the fleet.

The Meditation Chamber Regent Product can be acquired from Therjionuruodo, an Underworld Exchange vendor on the Cartel Bazaar on the Fleet for 100k credits and 6 Cartel Certificates. You'll need Legend standing with the Underworld Exchange.

Vader is known for his longevity, and Immortal Juggernauts offer that in spades. All of these abilities can be activated at the exact same time as other attacks and offer some sort of temporary increase to your survivability. Their cooldowns are substantially longer than that of most attacks.

Darth Vader wields a single lightsaber, has a frustrating presence, and was an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Couple of might even muster the strength to slow him down, let alone beat him.

Physical Appearance

Darth Vader is exceedingly powerful when it comes to both offense and defense, so I advise implants that improve your damage output and a tactical product that increases your survivability. You acquire access to famous implants at level 80 and tactical products at level 75.

This SW TOR Emperor Palatine Build Guide on how to create a character as close and as genuine with Look, Attires and Secret Abilities!

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For a Darth Vader build, I recommend tailoring like a Skank Tank, which is focused on increasing stats that increase damage output while factoring in that you are using a tank discipline, so there's no need for Precision, only Alacrity and Critical Score. In lieu of dealing more damage, it generates 2 Rage rather of costing any, so you are always able to use it assuming you're in range.

The damage dealt is virtually similar to Vicious Slash, but has a fairly long cooldown for an attack, so there's little benefit to utilizing it versus targets in melee variety unless your low on Rage, which shouldn't take place extremely frequently.

If you're taking a lot of damage and not sure what ability to utilize, activate Invincible.

For weapon attacks, it substantially increases your chance to dodge them entirely, however for other attacks, it absorbs part of the damage you take.


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