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RODE NTH-100M Headset Review: The Best Gaming & Content Creation Headset?


Coming in at $189, these earphones balance remarkable sound quality with a neutral tuning and a high quality microph1. For pure video gaming, they're a bit pricey however strike a fantastic happy medium if you're likewise creating your own content.


  • Existing Cost: $189 (Sweetwater).
  • Transducer Size (millimeters): 40.
  • Operating Concept.
  • NTH-100-Dynamic.
  • NTH-Mic-Permanently polarized.
  • Active ElectronicsJFET impedance converter.
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional.
  • Frequency Response.
  • NTH-100-5Hz-- 35Khz.
  • NTH-Mic-20Hz-20kHz.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 67dB.
  • Equivalent Sound Level (A-Weighted): 27dBA Normal.
  • Optimum SPL: 106dB SPL RMS (Plug-In Power, 1% THD) 123dB SPL RMS (Plug-In Power, 10% THD).
  • Maximum Output Level: 307mV (@ 1kHz, 10% THD into 1KΩ load).
  • Impedance: 32 Ω.
  • Level of sensitivity.
  • NTH-100-110dB/ V.
  • NTH-Mic-38dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.59 MV @ 94 dB SPL) +/ -3 dB @ 1kHz.
  • Maximum Input Power: 1700mW, 1% THD @ 1kHz.
  • Ear Coupling: Circumboreal.
  • Ambient Sound Attenuation: 20dBA.
  • Connection Type.
  • NTH-100-Dual TRRS Cable Attachments.
  • NTH-Mic-3.5 mm bayonet jack (for NTH-100).
  • Dynamic Variety: 92dB @ max input.
  • Weight.


  • NTH-100-350 grams.
  • NTH-Mic-5 grams.

Gaming headsets reoccur, however when it pertains to content development, they do not have the best reputation. Frequently, they're tuned for cinematic bass or enhancing steps, which is fantastic for video games however horrible when you're producing a podcast or YouTube video. RODE is out to change that with its new NTH-100M headset.

RODE NTH-100M-What Is It?

Final Thoughts.

The product described in this article was offered by the producer for examination functions.

That stabilizing act likewise uses to their sound quality. Any expert tracking headphone, which these are definitely focused on likewise, requires being neutral and not color the sound. At the same time, these are earphones that you must also be able to use for video gaming and music, so they can't sound dull either.

When it pertains to comfort, the RODE NTH-100M manages a flawless balancing act. It's essential for content creation headphones to isolate you from the outsell world (a boon for gaming too), however they do not exaggerate it. They simply work: isolating yet comfy, robust yet do not feel heavy on the head.

As you can hear, it comes through clear and nice. There's a touch of compression I hear as it suppresses background sound but It's very little. The total capture is natural and reasonable. Its well done there and will work perfectly for talking with friends, joining video conferences, or even guesting on a podcast or live stream.

Upon close evaluation, you'll find that they're enhanced in all the ideal places. The headband is made of flexible metal to prevent cracking. The ear cups are made of durable sensation plastic.

Its original NTH-100 headphones introduced in the Spring of last year and were the companies initially entry into the headphone world. Because they're best there and always ready to go, I likewise use these headphones for gaming regularly. The very first thing to keep in mind about these headphones is that they're really comfortable, and you can quickly wear them for hours at a time. At the very same time, these are earphones that you should likewise be able to utilize for video gaming and music, so they can't sound bland either.

RODE NTH-100M-Performance.

What RODE has provided here walks that thin middle road in between balance and fun. They have a bit more bass, which makes music and games sound full. They have a bit more treble energy to expose information and nuances in your listening experience, but aren't sharp or sibilant. They're not the headphones to rely on for bombast, but they definitely fit the expense if you desire to have a fun listening experience that doesn't seem like its working additional tough to pull it off.

I was likewise surprised to find that the microphone uses a rigid, non-adjustable boom arm. Being able to move it closer to my mouth felt required to be offered its low gain or perhaps up and down to avoid plosives. It's merely not made to move and forcing it will just run the risk of breaking the plastic.

Because we have not looked at the initial NTH-100 yet, let's start there. The earphones right away make a positive impression. Taking them out of package, they have a surprising weight (which was initially concerning but doesn't turn out to be a problem). Taking a better look, you can see that RODE put a lot of care into their style, and that they're made to stand the test of time and heavy day-to-day use. If its marketing material is anything to go by, these headphones are made for everyone from gamers to electronic camera operators. They're made to stand up to the rigors of run-and-gun videography; video gaming at a desk is practically unimportant in contrast.

The big addition, then, and the reason for the M at the end of the name, is the brand-new detachable microph1. Its slimline and hardly visible in your field of view and produces a crisp, clear sound that's ideal for chatting with buddies or guesting on a podcast. It's not ideal, which I'll discuss more in the following area, however works well and includes even more flexibility to the NTH-100.

The RODE NTH-100M is a brand-new wired headset from RODE, developer of some of the most popular content production tools on the market today. Its original NTH-100 earphones released in the Spring of last year and were the companies first entry into the headphone world.

They are on the tighter side-- tighter however not tight. Compared to many over-ear headphones created for music, there's certainly more securing force, however I didn't discover them unpleasant at any point, even after 6+ hours at the PC. The memory foam cushions do an excellent job of balancing out that clamp force while likewise developing a good seal around the ear.

Inside that robust chassis, the NTH-100M is outfitted with a pair of custom-matched 40 mm neodymium chauffeurs. The chauffeurs utilize Mylar for the diaphragm product, which is stiff yet lightweight, permitting fast motion. That's an important characteristic, as the speed of the driver plays a direct role in the quality and accuracy of its bass, as well as its capability to reveal information throughout the upper registers.

Comfort is also a priority with these earphones. They utilize thick memory foam ear cushions infused with cooling gel. They're cut in breathable Alcántara, which is a premium, flexible fabric popular in high-end cars and trucks. As closed-back earphones, they do get a bit warm but were still functional throughout summer without making my ears sweat like leather-trimmed pads.

Even the adjustment-band band on the top is crafted for dependability and longevity, utilizing a turning Fetlock system that avoids unintentional adjustments. This same system makes on-the-fly changes harder once its set, you don't truly need to adjust it once again, so it's not a big offer.

The mic, that's simply as crucial for this release given that It's what makes it brand-new and even more flexible than ever previously. Its great however there's still space for RODE to improve. Have a listen to the microphone sample listed below.

The NTH-100M is a special product for me in that I've been able to invest a very long time with the base earphones ahead of writing this review. Because they're right there and constantly ready to go, I likewise use these headphones for gaming regularly.

They're not the headphones to turn to for bombast, but they definitely fit the expense if you want to have an enjoyable listening experience that doesn't feel like its working extra difficult to pull it off.

Even with the lack of adjustability in the microphone arm, the NTH-100M is a really strong headset. That's not a surprise. It is, in essence, the NTH-100 with a microphone accessory, and the NTH-100 is a great pair of headphones. For $189, you get a flexible set of cans with a clear mic, allowing you to leap from gaming with friends to content production to virtual conferences at work and back once again. If you need a headset that can easily jump from work to play, this is an excellent option.

The NTH-100M is the same pair of earphones but has a microphone accessory. Among the neat aspects of the earphones is that they permit you to plug the wire in on either side. That very same adaptability implies that transforming into a gaming headset is remarkably simple.

Simply as significantly, across the many videos I've modified with these, I've never once felt like they fizzled for the audio mix. I can adjust levels and EQ on these and trust that when I listen on another PC, the audio track is going to sound the exact same. I definitely can not state that for a lot of my favorite audiophile-explicit earphones.

At the very same time, there are some modifications I hope RODE carries out in the next release. The biggest is that the volume is simply a bit low. Even turned up to max in Windows, it was still on the quiet side and would require to be boosted in post to strike a standard-12db to-9dB level. This shouldn't be a problem if you're using an external sound card or your motherboard has audio software to add additional increase, but be conscious that you'll need to do some boosting to actually get it sounding its best.

The very first thing to keep in mind about these earphones is that they're extremely comfortable, and you can quickly wear them for hours at a time. On paper, they're relatively heavy at 350 grams (355g with the mic connected), but disperse their weight well. It utilizes a basic cushioned headband, the precise type that would typically cause hot-spotting for me, however they're drippy enough that the complete weight does not rest on your head and is shared with the securing pressure around your ears.


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